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Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council


There are a number of Parish Council committees that meet to discuss various areas of the council’s business. They would normally make recommendations to the Parish Council meetings where appropriate

Finance & General Purposes
Keep an eye on the Parish financial affairs and advise on spending, including grants
Chair Sandra Fenney, Vice Chair Ron Naughton-Dean
Jim Wenban, Sue McDermid, Ray Letheren, Barry Dibble. The Chair -is ex-officio and normally attends
The Clerk (RFO) and Clerk (PO) both attend

Look at all planning applications in the Parish area and any others that might affect the area. Also general Planning and development control issues such as Local and Strategic Planning
Chair Fred Harper
Jim Wenban, Joan Darwell, Fred Harper, Ron Naughton-Dean 
The Chair is ex-officio, the Clerk(PO) advises the committee

Youth Liaison
Laise with Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Youth
Sue McDermid, Vivienne Walton
(non councillors  Chris Fribbins, Iain Walton)

Ray Letheren, Peter Clements

Footpaths and Common Land
Joan Darwell, Fred Harper

Cliffe Village Fayre Advisory Committee
Joan Darwell

Health and Safety Councillor
(review and advise of risk assessment and procedure)
Andy Keates

Representatives on Outside Bodies
Representing the Parish

Medway Council Rural Liaison Committee
Ron Naughton-Dean

KALC and Medway Area Committee
Sue McDermid, Fred Harper

Police Liaison
Barry Dibble

Cliffe Memorial Hall Liaison
Sandra Fenney

Cliffe Woods Community Association Liaison
Vivienne Walton
Sue McDermid, Sandra Fenney & Chris Fribbins are also Management Trustees

Cliffe Parochial Charity (non-councillors can also be appointed)
non councillors (Ken Kentell, Chris Fribbins + Vacancy)

Brett’s Liaison Group
Jim Wenban, Sue McDermid,
Joan Darwell (Chris Fribbins, non councillor)

Patient Participation Forums
Cliffe - vacant
Cliffe Woods - Sue McDermid, Sandra Fenney

Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
 from Parish Council
Chris Fribbins (non councillor), Annette Cooper, Joan Darwell, Fred Harper, Sue McDermid