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Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

The C&CW Neighbourhood Plan is continuing we are speaking to our young residents at Cliffe St Helens, Cliffe Woods Schools and Hundred of Hoo to get their ideas and a series of workshops held with local residents (see reports below).

These were not presentations or exhibitions, but an opportunity to discuss and put your views about the development of Cliffe and Cliffe Woods over the next 20 or so years. Good information and ideas were collected to help inform the plan that will be drawn up in the summer/autumn.

Now the NHP Steering Group will be compiling a Draft Neighbourhood Plan with a further public consultation before submitting it to Medway Council and a Planning Inspector to review - if 'sound' it will go to a referendum in 2019.

Major Boost for Neighbourhood Plan

The Cliffe and Cliffe Woods NHP has received a major boost - £8,000 has been awarded by Locality for the engagement of a Project Manager and Planning Consultant to take the work of the steering group forward.

The aim will be to consult with local residents on a Draft Plan in Autumn/Winter 2017 and then a submission to Medway Council in early 2019 and, if agreed a referendum of local residents could take place in Summer 2019.

It is now more important than ever to have the NHP in place as soon as possible and pressure comes from developers looking to exploit the delays in getting the Medway Local Plan 2003 replaced by a 2012-2035 version (and c. 30,000 homes), and the publication of proposed development sites in March 2018. 

Workshop Feedback and Reports

Community Planning Background 23/06/16 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-Neighbourhood-Plan-visioning-workshop-25-02-17-REPORT.pdf 1.2 MB Community Planning Event Report 23/06/16 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-community-planning-event-on-23-06-16-report.pdf 1.1 MB Visioning Workshop Background 25/02/17 Visioning-workshop-25-02-17.pdf 1.2 MB Visioning Workshop Event Report 25/02/17 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-Neighbourhood-Plan-visioning-workshop-25-02-17-REPORT.pdf 1.2 MB Transport & Economy Background 29/04/17 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-transport-traffic-and-economy-workshop-29-04-17.pdf 873.5 KB Transport & Economy Event Report 29/04/17 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-Neighbourhood-Plan-transport-traffic-and-employment-workshop-29-04-17-REPORT.pdf 1017.1 KB Environment & Heritage Background 17/6/17 Presentation-1-Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-NHP-heritage-and-character-presentation-17-06-17.pdf 1014.9 KB Heritage Backgound 17/6/17 Presentation-2-Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-NHP-nature-conservation-and-agricultural-land-17-06-17.pdf 1.2 MB Environment & Heritage Event Report 17/6/17 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-Neighbourhood-Plan-Heritage-and-Environment-Workshop-17-06-17-REPORT.pdf 1.6 MB Housing & Community Facilities Report 8/7/17 Cliffe-and-Cliffe-Woods-Neighbourhood-Plan-Housing-and-Community-Facilities-Workshop-08-07-17-REPORT.pdf 1016.3 KB Housing & Community Facilities App A Appendix-A-local-context-presentation--08-07-17.pdf 1 MB Housing & Community Facilities App B Appendix-B-Local-Plan-presentation-8-July-17.pdf 417.3 KB Housing & Community Facilities App C Appendix-C-Parish-survey-Cliffe-1.pdf 268.6 KB Housing & Community Facilities App D Appendix-D-Parish-survey-Cliffe-Woods-1.pdf 266.8 KB Housing & Community Facilities App E (Draft) Appendix-E-CCW-Housing-Needs-Cover-Letter-2017.pdf 163 KB

The parish council have agreed to start the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for our parish area. This is an opportunity for local residents to influence planning policy for our area and this document will have to be taken into account by Medway Council in developing their plans (Local Development Framework) and Planning Decisions). The timing is important because Medway Council are developing their Local Development Framework (the Local Plan for the Medway Council area, including the parish) and we will start to see proposals for development sites across the area later this year.

A series of Workshop Meetings were held in 2016/2017 and that information will inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan now in preparation.

A public notice was placed in local papers announcing the start of the process and asked for comments, following this Medway Council approved our application for Neighbourhood Plan designation

The parish will help establish a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to create the plan :

1) Agree Scope of plan - this could cover areas such as (what we have and what we would like)

2) Develop plan in consultation with local residents, community groups, local businesses schools

3) Agree draft with Medway Council

4) Hold a Referendum - must be agreed by at least 50% of those voting.

5) Plan Adopted

  • Environment, Housing, Historic aspects, Transport, Community Facilities (including shops), Health, Landscape,

There are no specific timescales yet, but it is likely to take the remainder of 2017 before it can be submitted. and a referendum in the spring/summer 2018.

More information will be available as the plan is developed.

National information about Neighbourhood Plans can be found here (external links) :

Planning Portal

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE)

What is Neighbourhood Planning

or Search for ‘Neighbourhod Plans’ - there are lots of resources available and links to plans already created around the country.

Sites for development have been suggested, but at this stage all have been rejected by the Medway Local Plan. The maps and Local Plan appraisal of the sites are included in three files (extracted from much larger Local Plan background papers).

Neighbourhood Planning Video