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Like other parish council's the measures required to manage the virus have impacted all areas of their community. As a council, we are established under law and have regulations on how we run, report on our activities and have responsibilities. Much of this goes back to, or is based on the formation of parish councils in 1894!

Update 07/01/21 - The recently refurbished Cliffe playground is open for daily exercise, as is the ball court and skate park. Please adhere to social distancing rules and Government guidelines in order to use the facilities safely.

(update 18/6/20) With the closure of our local schools and only a limited re-opening the position is much clearer. Our only building (the Changing Rooms at the Recreation Ground) and our Cliffe Play Area in Church Street will remain closed to help contain the spread of the virus until we get advice that we can re-open SEE NEWS re. CLIFFE PLAY AREA FROM 4th JULY). After discussion with our caretaker, he wished to continue to keep our land clean and manage the growth of weeds, he also inspects the play equipment, keeping the Recreation Ground, Play Area, the Buttway and the Cliffe Woods Car Park tidy - but you can help by not dropping litter (please keep a safe distance from our workers and volunteers to avoid any spread of the virus). NORSE grass cutting will continue on a reduced schedule.

Other public buildings (The Cliffe Woods Community Centre and the Cliffe Memorial Hall  also remain closed,  until advised otherwise(although the Cliffe Pre-School has now re-opened) 

In response to calls to avoid public meetings, parish meetings are being held online using ZOOM. 

The council is pleased to see the establishment of informal community support and welcome the assistance of wHOO CARES. The parish council have limited financial and people resources, but will help out where we can (see contact details). Much of the support will come from Medway Council, the Government and the National Health Service - help where you can. 

The most local level of government for the villages of Cliffe, Cliffe Woods and the Cooling Street hamlet.

The parish have agreed to create a Neighourhood Plan for the Parish Council area.

Developers have submitted suggested sites in Cliffe and Cliffe Woods - but these have all been rejected at this stage. These are included in large Medway Local Plan background documents - these have been extracted see the NHP page

Our Annual Return 2019/2020 has now been audited internally and externally - go to the Finance Page to see the return and see the right to examine.
Want to know about being a councillor and what the parish does.

Lodge Hill/Chattenden, Outline Planning Application Consultation (Medway Council Decision of APPROVAL 4th September 2014) -
View the Parish Council objections and The Medway Council Planning Report. On the 12th February the minister ‘called-in’ the application now a public inquiry will be held. The planning application was withdrawn and a smaller alternative is being developed as part of the Local Plan - this has also been withdrawn.

Under the Freedom of Information Act we have also added our Publication Scheme as required by the act. It contains details about the Parish, how it operates and how to request information.

Councillors also agree to abide by the National Code of Conduct in their role, see the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct.
The Parish area borders on the River Thames to the north and west, Higham and Wainscott to the south; Chattenden, Cooling and High Halstow to the east. It is part of the unitary authority of Medway in North Kent.

The Parish Council is elected every four years (the last was in 2019, the next in May 2023). Up to eight councillors are elected for Cliffe Village ward and eight from the Cliffe Woods ward. If there are vacancies and no nominations, the parish can co-opt additional councillors to make up the numbers.

The full Parish Council meets in public on most second Thursdays of the month, alternately in Cliffe Memorial Hall  (Small Hall) and Cliffe Woods Emmanuel Centre - see meetings for details.

A number of committees take on some of the work between meetings - see Committees.Parish Council Minutes and the latest Agendas are also available on this site.

The Parish keep in contact with residents via the Cliffe Clarion (ad-hoc), current and past editions.
and regular items in the local edition of Village Voices.

Let us know what you would like to see on this site and we will see what can be done.

The Parish is paid for by a local precept which is added to the Council Tax. This raised £55,048 (2019/2020)  which works out as about £26 per year, < 50p per week (some council tax bands have a lower charge, above Band D have a higher charge)