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Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council

West of Town Road Plans

A fresh planning application has been submitted by Gladmans MC/19/0287 This is an almost identical outline application for 225 houses on the site.
This is an available tactic for developers to submit an application for re-assessment by the local authority and IF granted reduces the costs of the appeal.
The major case for this submission is the lack of housing site allocated in the old Medway Local Plan (2003) and although subsequent development has been taken into account there is still a shortfall (according to Gladmans). This submission also means it can be considered before the publication of a Draft Local Plan in the summer (2019) which is likely to allocate the housing development elsewhere and away from Cliffe Woods.

8th November 2018 - The appeal against the refusal by Medway Council of Gladman's plans for 223 homes west of Town Road, Cliffe Woods was the subject of a planning inquiry in November 2017 - it was referred to the planning Minister for the final decision and it was published 8/11/2018. It has been REFUSED. Details Below


Although the High Court appeal still has to be timetabled, Gladmans have submitted a further application for the site - almost identical to the original application. This is a process open to developers as it gives the local authority the opportunity to 'agree' the application and cut the costs of the High Court appeal. It is also timed so that it is considered before the publication of the Draft Local Plan in the summer, which will be .likely to allocate the housing needs of Medway elsewhere. The Parish Council will be submitting their comments in due course and residents should make their views known. MC/19/0287


Gladmans have appealed against the decision by the Minister to refuse the application - this now goes to the High Court.


The Planning Inspector heard from the applicant (Gladmans) for the appeal and Medway Council in support of their refusal over six days (including a site visit). The Parish Council was also officially represented (as a Rule 6 Party) and also supported the reasons for refusal and expanded on some of the issues. The planning inspector will write up the inquiry and submit his representation to the Minister who has reserved the right to make the decision. The report went to the minister and now we were waiting for the decision - due by early July 2018, but a technical planning issue has come up and delayed the decision to September 2018 (further delayed to November 2018 where the appeal was dismissed by the Minister, although the Planning Inspector had recommended allowing the appeal)



Gladmans have now submitted documents for the Planning Appeal process and will employ professional legal planning resources to make their case. Medway Council are likely to do likewise, although their resources may be more limited.
The most important document is their Statement of Case This is the basis for their objection - and outlines their response to the Planning Objections and Third Party Submission. A good response from third parties should reflect this.



The planning application for the Gladmans' site went to the Medway Council's Planning Committee and was refused. Now Gladmans have appealed against that decision (which they are entitled to, although there is no appeal against an approval). The Parish Council will be monitoring the situation and taking part in the appeal as appropriate.

Follow the appeal on the Planning Portal Site.


Parish Council response to the Outline Application submitted (see attachment above)

Public consultation extended to 31st October


Latest Info 28/9/16 Public meeting held to hear resident's views - 6pm Friday 7th October in the Cliffe Woods Community Centre, Parkside, Cliffe Woods ME3 8HX.


Design and Access statement (Part 1 & 2) attached. This summarises what all the other documents say and puts the 'Gladman Case'. For the planning application to be rejected, faults and issues with this will need to be demonstrated.

Consultation has been extended and will now run to 14th October 2016.

Latest Info 6/9/16

Planning Application Published - Consultation runs until Tuesday 27th August 2016, although comments will be accepted after this date.

PROPOSAL: Outline planning application with some matters reserved (appearance,
landscaping, layout and scale) for up to 225 residential dwellings (including up to
25% affordable housing), introduction of structural planting and landscaping,
informal public open space and children's play area, surface water flood mitigation
and attenuation, vehicular access point from Town Road and associated ancillary

Latest Info 23/8/16

MC/16/3300 Medway Planning have decided that an Environmental Impact Assessment is NOT required. So the next stage is for Gladmans to assess the responses to their Pre-Planning Consultation, respond to issues raised and submit an Outline Application - that is where people can object or support. If and when a planning application is made, the parish council will publicise it.
‚ÄčA bit disappointing that the request for an environmental impact assessment by the parish council was rejected, but there are strict criteria for an EIA and it was a challenge to get this application however environmental and heritage issues can form a part of the submission if there is an outline application.

Latest Info 15/8/16:

The parish council response to the Pre-Planning Consultation from Gladman's has been sent.

See the response

Latest Info 12/8/16:

No end date for consultation is printed on the leaflet, so Gladmans were asked, there reply is:

"The leaflet was distributed on Friday 5th August so this would give until at least Monday 29th August for any comments to be submitted. We will however take into consideration all comments we receive before our application is formally submitted to Medway Council."

The parish council is aware that the leaflets would not have started to arrive until after that date, but did ask for an extension to the time (from 2 to 3 weeks) because of summer holidays and the area covered (extended from Cliffe Woods only to Cliffe and Cooling Street) which was accepted.


Developers have approached the Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council to outline their plans for a development to the West of Town Road Cliffe (see attachment) - up to 225 houses. At this stage part of the site connecting to Buckland Road is not proposed for development other than a pond for site drainage.

They will be carrying out their own Pre-Planning Consultation during August (extended to at least three weeks and widened to include Cliffe and Cooling Street and not just Cliffe Woods after requests by the Parish Council). The representations will be submitted with an Outline Planning Application in September - there will then be planning consultation via Medway Council (further 3 weeks).

The site is outside the current village boundary and would not normally be allowed, but due to the age of the current Medway Local Plan it can be considered if it can prove to be sustainable and impacts on the local area can be managed.

Even if it is approved, there would need to be a detailed planning approval, and further consultation, before any construction can start.

Check back for further updates   

Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council West of Town Road Plans