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Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council

Land off View Road Bend

(02/01/2019) The decision of the Planning Inspector has been received by the Parish Council - he has agreed to uphold the appeal and grant OUTLINE permission for the development. The decision notice is below.

(17/09/2018) The applicant and Medway Council have agreed to decide the planning appeal on the basis of written representations not a public inquiry - the representations of everybody who wrote in to raise their comments on the planning application will be passed to the Planning Inspector. The case for and against the appeal will be in an exchange of correspondence. Any further representations need to be with the planning inspector by 12th October 2018.

Online at https://acp/planninginspectorate.gov.uk or by letter to the
Planning Inspectorate, 3B Eagle, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN Quote the appeals reference APP/A2280/W/18/3202264

You can modify or withdraw any previous representation. The appeal documents will be on Medway Council's Planning Web Site under MC/16/3742

(30/05/18) The applicant has raised an objection against the refusal of Medway's Planning Committee. It is now with the Planning Inspectorate to make arrangements for the appeal. We will keep you informed.

(17/10/17) The application was on the Agenda for the Medway Planning Committee on the 25th October. The part of the report to councillors at that meeting is available below - the officer's recommendation is Approval, but Members agreed to refuse it. Mitigation for impact in the SSSI appears to be a 'No Pets' rule. There are no highways issues raised and the officer appears to accept below standard parking (along with a number of other issues) on the basis that it is 'elderly accommodation' - although at 55+ there could be people in employment, people walking to the doctors/shops and using the buses etc. 

(10/10/16) The Parish Council, as statutory consultees on the outline application MC/16/3742 Land South of View Road have submitted their reviews to Medway Council's Planning Department.

‚ÄčThe council objects to the application as submitted and has a number of issues with, and concerns about the potential impacts of the proposal for 50 retirement homes (and ancillary facilities).

‚ÄčThe application is also premature as the Medway Local Plan and Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Neighbourhood Plan are currently in preparation (see submission below)

(28/9/16) A packed Public meeting was held to hear resident's views - 6pm Friday 7th October in the Cliffe Woods Community Centre, Parkside, Cliffe Woods ME3 8HX.

(14/9/16) Details of application now online

(13/9/16) A letter has been received from Medway Council registering the Outline Planning Applcation - MC/16/3742 Land South of View Road, Cliffe Woods

Outline application with some matters reserved (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for the construction of 50 retirement homes comprising a mix of 2/3 storey apartments and single storey bungalows with ancillary meeting room, gymnasium, office, parking and garaging with new vehicular access to View Road

Details of the application are likely to be available from 15th September.

(8/9/16) A letter has been received through the post (8th September 2016) giving notice of an Outline Planning Application :

Erection of 50 retirement homes comprising a mix of 2/3 storey apartments and single storey bungalows, with ancillary meeting room, gymnasium, office, parking and garaging, to meet a need within the communities of Cliffe, Cliffe Woods, Cooling and Frindsbury. New access to  View Road.

This is being processed by Medway Council and was refused by the planning committee. The owner/developer has exercised the right to appeal against this decision, no appeal details are available at the moment.

The site is on the bend of View Road, opposite the Nursery, where there are no properties, This is outside the village boundary as defined in the Medway Local Plan 2003.