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Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council

Parish Council

At the July 2012 Meeting, the Parish Council adopted a new code of conduct for councillors (modelled closely on the National Association of Local Government Councils model). Councillors also completed new Declaration of Personal Interest forms introduced by Government Regulations. The completed forms have been sent to Medway Council and are also stored on this web site.

Councillors agree to abide by the National Code of Conduct in their role. Click here for the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct.
Following the installation of CCTV cameras covering the recreation ground, youth shelter, play area, allotments and small hall car park
 by the Parish Council, a code of conduct has been agreed to cover its operation

for details on how to book the Cliffe Memorial Hall or Cliffe Woods Community Centre


  Exciting times on the Parish Council, just some recent highlights
Youth - we are working with local youths to provide a youth club in Cliffe Woods
(First and Third Monday of each month, except August and Bank Holidays) in the Community Centre)

It is hoped that this can be extended (and to Cliffe) if we can get more adult support.
We are also aiming to get a Youth Council in place (with direct consultation on how some of our budget is spent).

Cllrs. Ray Letheren and Peter Clements have also been working with allotment holders to understand their issues and requirements. New agreements have been issued, with improved clarity on allotment holders responsibilities and procedures to be followed if they are not met. There has been an increase in the number of people wanting a plot and we are trying to fit in as many as possible. If you are interested in a plot, contact the Clerk. The pitch rents have been reviewed and the Parish Council has agreed a range of rents that better reflect the size of each of the pitches.

Under the Freedom of Information Act we have also added our Publication Scheme as required by the act. It contains details about the Parish, how it operates and how to request information.

Councillors also agree to abide by the National Code of Conduct in their role and adopted the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct.

The Parish area borders on the River Thames to the north and west, Higham and Wainscott to the south; Chattenden, Cooling and High Halstow to the east. It is part of the unitary authority of Medway in North Kent.

The Parish Council is elected every four years (the last was in 2015, the next in May 2019). Up to eight councillors are elected for Cliffe Village ward and eight from the Cliffe Woods ward. If there are vacancies and no nominations, the parish can co-opt additional councillors to make up the numbers.

The full Parish Council meets in public on most first Thursdays of the month, alternately in Cliffe Memorial Hall (Small Hall) and Cliffe Woods Emmanuel Centre - see meetings for details.

A number of committees take on some of the work between meetings - see Committees. Parish Council Minutes and Agendas are also available on this site.

The Parish keep in contact with residents via the Cliffe Clarion, current and past editions are stored here and regular information through the local edition of Village Voices

Let us know what you would like to see on this site and we will see what can be done.

The Parish is paid for by a local precept which is added to the Council Tax. This amounts to £46,017 (2015/2016 & 2016/2017 ) which works out at as an average of about £25 per year, < 50p per week